Why Do We Love Our Pets


I don’t know about you but I truly love my two cats. Whether you have a cat, dog or whatever your preference may be, we all have such a huge soft spot for our babies. They have become apart of our family and everyday lives. What’s a world without our beloved pets?

Why Do We Love Our Pets – The Joys and Wonders

Most people have a pet as a substitute for having children, for others like me it’s like having an addition to the family. We go above and beyond for them, such as taking them to the vet for checkups and emergency care when they may be sick or injured. Providing them with the best food possible, buying the latest and coolest toys, just pretty much spoiling and pampering them. I get such gratification having a pet so dependent on you, like a mother or papa; you have this strong need to be nurturing and protective to your pet.

Our love for our pets may have a multitude of reasons that contribute greatly to our deep love and affection for them. We sometimes seek comfort from being around other living things; we have bred into our pets certain characteristics that make them most appealing to us. Our pets can sometimes fulfill our need for validation because of their unique dependence on us or maybe the look in their eyes when we come home from a long day at work. To me the unconditional love of my pets exceeds that of most human beings. Cat-and-Dog-laying-on-the-couch

I came across this quote “The best therapist has fur and four legs”. I can totally agree with this. Most of the time, I don’t need a doctor, pain pills or a shoulder to cry on (maybe sometimes) all I need is the love of my two cats, Patches and Champ. They bring so much sunshine and joy into the world, except when they’re fighting, lol.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

I’ve learned from experience having a pet and have and bring you great benefits and rewards. It can teach you and your children if you have any great responsibility, compassion and true love. If you own a dog it’s a great way to get out the house and exercise and meet amazing new people who may be a pet lover like yourself.

I have two children with Autism. Animals can be good at improving mental health, it’s been proven that having a child with Autism and similar learning disorders boy-face-to-face-with-catoften find it difficult talking to fellow human beings, but they have no problem at all with chatting and communicating to friendly yet understanding animals. Some cats and dogs become a service animal for children and adults. This is a great benefit to having a pet.

Other benefits are having a good heart; studies have shown that heart attack patients with pets live longer than those without. Male pet owners may have fewer signs of heart disease, lower cholesterol and triglyceride than non owners. Pet owner also have lower stress levels, your pet can be very nurturing and comforting in those times of need and reassurance. Besides all the many benefits having a pet may offer the greatest of them all in my opinion this the loyalty and unconditional love they bring to your home and family.

Ways to Show Your Pet You Care

We know our pets love us. They show us every single day in their own way, for me my cats follow me everywhere I go, invade my space, I can’t even go to the bathroom alone! My favorite is when Patches lays directly on my laptop while I’m typing or smacking my page down when I’m reading a book. Yes, its weird but that’s an example of her showing her love. For dog owners and I also know from owning a dog, they can be very protective, always wanting to lay on your lap or sleep in your bed instead of his/her own. Those are just a few ways they show affection to their human.

So how do and should we return the love? I can think of a few ways. First and foremost, those great head and belly rubs (if your cat allows this). When it comes to cats and dogs their hair follicles stimulate neurons and sends pleasure to their brain. Pretty much stroking and bonding can serve as an enjoyable and bonding sensations to our pets.

Spending quality time with your pet is another way to shows them love. Taking your dog for daily walks, teaching him tricks, playing tug of war or fetch and an occasional treat are good examples. When it comes to cats certain toys like balls or a piece of yarn can entertain them greatly, my favorite is the red laser. Constant play interaction is the key, it improves motor skills, stimulates cognitive growth and it shows them you are paying attention to them.

There is no right or wrong way to give and show our pets love. Just do and give your best. They will appreciate every little effort you do. Make sure they feel wanted and included in the family.

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet

Just like us our pets need regular and routine checkups. Yes, I know few of us like going to the doctor and our pets are no different; however, it’s quite necessary to remain healthy and avoid any kind of illness or ailments. Illness among pets can spread very quickly so it’s our job as pet owners to ensure they remain disease free. Regular and or annual pet exams are vital, just like humans; animals can get heart disease, tooth aches, arthritis and even cancer. They best way to prevent this is early detection. We want our pets around for as long as possible. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of an annual exam.

Another important to consider is to prevent parasites. Several years ago I had a cat who got the house without me knowing and when she came back she ends up having a really bad allergic reaction to a flea bite. It was awful, so many trips to the vet and shots she had to take. Fleas is the most common external parasite, as I learned it can lead to irritated skin, hair loss, hot spots and infection. There are also internal parasites like worms. Giving your pet a proper diet and food should prevent such issues arising. Also considers over feeding could lead to obesity. Yes treats are good for pets but it should be done in moderation. Just like humans, calories are not our friends.

You should also be sure your pet have vaccinations at least once a year. Illness puppy-at-the-veterinariansuch as rabies, distemper, canine hepatitis, feline leukemia among others can be prevented. It can be painful for your pet and costly to you. Not only does it protect your pet but you as well.

The less health issues your pet have the happier you’ll both be. That means more play and quality time spent together. Proper diet and exercise will benefit both the owner and fur baby a healthier and longer life.


Some people may wonder why would a person have and keep a pet when there it seems like suck a task or say things like “don’t you have enough going on in your life like raising children, having a job or being married?” A true pet lover like myself, I just can’t see life without my pets. They are equivalent to my children and everyday life. It’s a lifestyle and a bond that can never be broken. Owning a pet is the best thing I ever and been good at besides having my beautiful children. Is it a lot of time and effort? It depends on the person. Does owning a pet cost money? Yes but its well worth every penny. Until you have owned and love a pet, one will never know the joy and rewards it entails.

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