Why Do Cats Follow Us into the Bathroom


Why do cats follow you into the bathroom? If you’re a cat owner like me, I’m pretty sure you’ve experienced the never ending journey of your fur baby ALWAYS following you to the bathroom. Many times I have blurted out “DO YOU MIND?” or “GIVE ME SOME SPACE PLEASE!” I do find it very cute and funny even though I would follow them to the bathroom. The one and only time you do want your cat to ignore you they don’t. You got to love them!


To answer this question I went on several websites to add to my own experience and reasons. Truth is, cats are little micro managers who think the world evolves around them, it doesn’t matter if he/she ignores you all day long, and you have a lot of nerve for wanting any kind of privacy where they can’t watch you while two-cats-sitting-in-the-windowignoring you at the same time. Seriously, cats are predators with the instinct of being a hunter. Cats also could be considered a prey due to its size, being your cat’s caretaker/parent your kitty may feel vulnerable in your absence. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfactory brought him back!

What if you close your bathroom door on your kitty, make him/her wait outside while you do your many bathroom duties? No worries, they’re not going anywhere. You’re just going to see cute little paws waving at you under the door or maybe you see the tail wagging back and forth underneath. You might even hear scratching and crying (all the above scenarios in my home). Coming to visit you during this time may have become a routine your cat has come to love especially if you give in to his/her pleas for attention. If you have a habit or routine of getting up the morning to use the bathroom then feeding your fur baby afterwards, your kitty may be anticipating or expecting it to be mealtime.


Who’s not going to rub or pet their soft purring fur baby when he/she is rubbing all against your legs while you’re sitting on the toilet? You’re trapped and also not being distracted by books, TV or anything you’re cat may find annoying because it doesn’t benefits them. It annoys my cat when I so much as try to take nap, she will lick to me to death or tap my nose with the tip of her pointy nails. I don’t mind because I receive such beautiful purrs and cuddles. All I want is my private time in the bathroom which I know I’ll never ever get.

Another reason why some cats may want so much attention is because some kitties were separated from their mum at a very early age and/or wasn’t properly weaned. So now your cat may have what you call separation anxiety or cognitive issues which may result in attention seeking behavior. It can also be medical or health related. A few years back my cat had a very bad allergic reaction and was in so much pain that me giving her my undivided attention was comforting for her. The pain and/or trauma can be confusing to a cat so you become their safe haven which requires your attention that they crave so much.


Besides the fact my cat love to follow me into the bathroom, there have been many times that she was already in there just hanging out. Sometimes I feel like I was disturbing her. The bathroom can be like an extra playhouse for cats. They will hop and spin around in the tub, take naps in the sink and knock your items onto the floor (story of my life). Despite the old saying that cats hate water really isn’t true for all cats. Some cats like to play in water. I leave the faucet on in my bathroom dripping because my kitty likes to try to hit and grab the water (so funny). Cats also like to fresh water. I learned that in the wild feline species don’t usually drink water next to their food due to the risk of water contamination from its prey.

Let’s not forget about the infamous toilet roll that annoys them for some strange reason, they love to unroll and/or rip it to shreds.

My cat also had a habit of prying open the cabinet doors in the bathroom until I had to buy a safety latch to put on it because there were cleaning chemicals underneath. I understood it may have been cozy and for her to scratch me while I was standing there brushing my teeth or applying my make up, but I couldn’t risk her becoming ill.

No matter how many toys, gadgets and even cat houses you may have in your home, to some cats their favorite hangout is the bathroom. The tub may be smooth and soft like your kitchen floor so they enjoy that cool smooth feeling. If you live in Florida
like I do, it may be a cool place for them to get away from the heat.


At the end of the day, your fur baby loves you and everything about you, even not allowing you that much-needed privacy in the bathroom. The bathroom is full of smells of you; you are of course your cat’s favorite human! Consider it bonding time, he/she just can’t and won’t let you out of their sight. They are memorized by you and everything you do. Cats just have a weird yet funny way of showing it. I love my cats and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

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