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Hi everyone and welcome to Lets Talk about Pets. Since the age of 5 I have a deep love and passion for animals, especially cats and dogs. I am committed to giving my pets’ the best of everything they deserve.

Brief Story

Growing up I didn’t have many friends and I wasn’t able to go quite far when playing outside. My pets’ were my best friends. Caring for my fur babies taught me a great deal of compassion, understanding and empathy at an early age. Every morning I woke up with a purpose and great responsibility.

I had so much excitement playing with my pets’, feeding them or simply buying the latest toys and gadgets. Spending hours on in was more rewarding than playing with my Barbie dolls or evening riding my bike. At least my cats were able to play with me back.

I also learned how to sew at an early age; I am always trying to make my cat an outfit or a comfy pillow to sleep on. I created some for one my dogs when I finally got one. I am always thinking of things and ways to spoil my babies.


Why Do We Need Pets in Our Lives

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Besides the fact my cat love to follow into the bathroom, there have been many times that she was already in there, just hanging out. Sometimes I feel like I was disturbing her. It’s like an extra playhouse for cats. They hop and spin in the tub, take naps in the sink, knock your makeup and items onto the floor (story of my life). Despite the old saying that cats hate water it isn’t true for all cats. Some cats like to play in water. I leave the faucet in my bathroom dripping because my kitty likes to try to hit the water (so funny). Cats also like to drink fresh running water. I learned that in the wild that feline species don’t usually drink water next to their food due to water contamination from it’s prey.

Let’s not forget about the infamous toilet roll that annoys them for some strange reason, they love to unroll and/or rip it to shreds.


My cat also had a habit of prying open the cabinet doors in the bathroom until I had to buy a safety latch to put on it because there were cleaning chemicals underneath. I understood it may have been cozy and for her to scratch me while I was standing there brushing my teeth or applying my make up, but I couldn’t risk her becoming ill.

No matter how many toys, gadgets and even cat houses you may have in your home, to some cats their favorite hangout is the bathroom. The tub may be smooth and soft like your kitchen floor so they enjoy that cool smooth feeling. If you live in Florida like I do sometimes it may be a cool place for them to get away from the heat.

Nothing compares to coming home to a loyal companion. Pets are a part of our family and everyday lives. They provide us with companionship but also emotional support; helps reduce stress levels and help us increase our social lives and activities.

Preventing boredom is another reason we need pets’. Our pets’ needs attention. Dogs most definitely can need and require plenty of attention; however, there are animals that don’t need as much attention, such as cats, birds and fish.

Having the chance and opportunity to enjoy the journey of a pets’ life teaches us to live in moment, overcome fear with love and last but not least your pet can be very loyal and dependable. You and your pet both can have such unconditional love for each other. As I stated earlier, having a pet in your pet can also have its perks as far as your mental and physical health.

This is why I want to share my knowledge and love.

My Goals

Over the years I’ve learned about different food, toys, clothes and medicine, anything to make my fur babies feel loved and appreciated. I want to offer and share some knowledge and advice I’ve learned along the way

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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